Friday, April 23, 2010

Moto moto moto!

La LaLa LaLa Happy Birthday to me! Matching helmet, cool as can be gloves and ridiculous boots have yet to arrive. New Arrow/Triumph exhaust is waiting to be installed, will probably do it at the same time as the 500 mile service. Man cave has been sorted with newly constructed ceiling racks with accommodations for 8 rigs, a wall unit for an extra two, plus shelving heavy enough to fit a friggin car transmission. All this just to make room for Mr. Black. Gonna take it up into the hills this weekend and give it a proper introduction to my favorite roads...staying within the break-in guidelines, of course! It's so much a different bike than the SV. Not that the SV was bad but this one is just so much more precise. It seems a bit less forgiving, but that may just be because I don't know yet all of what it needs to go round a corner at good speed. It's not going anywhere, so I've got plenty of time to bond with it and get to know how to make it go.

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